[2 year Program / 1 year Program]

Our consultatns work with high school bound students, grasping their strengths and weaknesses to assist them step by step in preparing, applying, and getting accepted to the most selective high schools.

  • Academic Roadmap and Goal Setting
  • School Selection
  • Exchange Programs Abroad
  • Enrichment / Competitions / Leadership Building
  • Standardized Test Preparation
  • Application


Our team uses the combination of close personal attention and advanced tools to understand the students and give them direction early on in their academic careers. Students are assessed using three modes–personality assessment, learning style, and intelligence strengths to discover what their passions are and what fields suit them best.

  • Personality Assessment – Using Myers Briggs Type personality Indicator (MBTI) to analyze student’s best career types suited to his/her personality
  • Learning Style Inventory – Helps students and counselors create the most productive environment for teaching and learning
  • Multiple Intelligences – Reveals student’s intelligence strengths and challenges, the provides suggestions on ways to develop all their intelligence

Using this information and through discussion with students and parents, we have career and major assessments for students and set goals for which boarding schools / universities the student will be applying for. Students are matched using their talents, strengths, and preferences with schools that will provide the best learning environments for them to succeed.

2. Academic Planning and Extra Curricular Guidance

Once we have captured a vision and set goals for the student, our team lays down the track that will take them exactly where they need to be. From course planning to extra-curricular activities, from overseas programs to research opportunities, Elite is there, every step of the way.

Academic Roadmap
Students are guided in strategic course planning and what to plan for in the pre-admission stages. Our experienced consultants know what classes to take when, to make best use of their time and get the competitive edge required to reach their goals.

Enrichment Programs
We match students to programs, local and international, that give students the chance to showcase their talents. These programs are chosen specifically to match the strengths and interests of each student, and help build the students’ confidence and competitive advantage when applying for the schools that fit them. They also have opportunities to work with professionals in the field of their interests.

  • Major-Related Academic Competition Guidance
  • Summer Program Placement
  • Short-term Exchange Programs in US and Canada
  • Career Specific Research
  • School Research and Matching
  • Extracurricular Contacts and Connections

Leadership Development
We guide students in extra curricular activity selection, club foundation, and motivate them to branch out as leaders.

  • Motivation Workshop
  • Study Skills Workshop and Development
  • Time Management Workshop
  • Club Foundation Guidance
  • Volunteering Opportunity Guidance

3. Score Builder

With years of know-how and top, experienced teachers, Elite provides personal lessons for most school subjects and standardized tests to ensure competitive scores for our students.

  • SAT / SAT II Subject Tests / TOEFL / SSAT / Writing Workshops / AP / IB Test Preparation / GPA management

4. Application Ready

Applications are daunting, especially when coupled with the workload of ambitious students. Our consultants guide students step by step, making certain that each application to each school is filled to the very brim with the right content–content that we have worked together to build.

  • Personal Statement and Essay Guidance
  • Recommendation Letter Preparation
  • Application Filing
  • Working with Deadlines