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“Studying in an environment where my peers were so supportive and my teachers made class so interactive helped me find confidence in my self, and it definitely made studying more fun!
Lucy C. -UC Berkeley


Advanced Placement (AP) classes are college-level courses offered in many high schools. Created by the College Board, AP classes are meant to expose top-performing high-school students to the type of challenging curriculum they will experience in college. There are nearly 40 different AP courses offered, but not all high schools offer every course. Each course culminates in an exam, and students who score well on their AP exams can receive credit and potentially satisfy certain academic requirements, allowing them to take fewer classes before graduating from college.

AP classes can also significantly enhance your college applications by showing admissions officers that you’re ready for the rigor of college-level work. Though there is no required number of AP classes, applicants to highly selective colleges and universities often take between 5 and 12 AP classes to challenge themselves and improve their GPAs. But remember, colleges also consider how many AP classes are offered by your high school when considering your workload. More than the number of AP classes taken, colleges are looking for evidence that you’re challenging yourself.


AP classes present some of the most difficult material you will encounter in high school. Also, since they’re only offered once a year, you a to be ready to perform at your best on exam day. Elite AP prep courses delve deeply into the course material, giving you a fundamental understanding of the concepts that will be tested on the exam and reinforcing what you’ve learned in class. Let Elite’s experienced AP instructors give you the edge you need to ace your AP exams, get those college credits, and submit truly outstanding college applications.

Expert Instructors

We’re proud of our faculty, and at Elite, we only hire the best: experienced teachers who are experts in their fields and display the energy and enthusiasm necessary to engage students.

Proven Curriculum

Elite’s lessons and practice tests have been developed over the last 30 years with great care and attention to detail. We’re constantly adapting our curriculum to fit changing standardized tests.

More Than Test Prep

Instead of focusing on tips and tricks to simply “beat the test” we strive to instill a true passion for learning and teach fundamental academic skills to help students excel in college and beyond.

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