Elite Open School Apgujung is one of many global campuses of EOS, located in the heart of Seoul.
The special attributes of our current students are: pro-active, self-motivated, goal oriented, and diligent, to advance to specific college institutions of their choices.

EOS school staff and mentors are also focused to help our students achieve their goals in multiple ways.  They are assiduously  monitoring students’ progresses, helping them maintain a good GPA standing, engaging them with college consultation and application process. As well, EOS Apgujung runs the SAT intensive studies (SAT, SAT Subjects, AP, etc) in the summer and the winter, to assist our students reach their score aims on college standardize tests.






EOS Apgujung provides an one-stop comprehensive secondary education with experienced college preparation.


If you want to set up an appointment with our school official to explore the options for secondary education for you or your children, let us know (telephone number: 02-3444-6884). Please give us your contact information below if you want us to contact you.